Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sometimes you want to be able to toggle dev=1 on a url. This can easily be done with javascript. You can create a link on a page with href="javascript:..." then right-click->save this link as a bookmark in your bookmark toolbar.

The following link is my attempt to write this, you can click it now, or bookmark it --> Toggle Dev

Let's read it line by line:
var alocation =; // save the ?query string

// determine if when we add dev=1 if we need a ? or an &
var questoramp = alocation.indexOf('?') != -1 ? '&' : '?'; 

// if dev=1 exists, remove it, otherwise add it
var next = alocation.match(/[\?&]dev=1/) ? alocation.replace(/[\?&]dev=1/,'') : alocation + questoramp + 'dev=1'; 

// handle special case where dev=1 is at the beginning of the url
next = alocation.match(/\?dev=1&/) ? alocation.replace(/dev=1&/,'') : next; 

// update the window location
window.location.href=window.location.pathname + next + window.location.hash;

You have to make sure you don't forget the window.location.hash, or else you will get the dev=1 in the wrong part of the url.


I also wanted a way to toggle my web server from live apache(https) to a single threaded dev server (8080)

Here is my attempt: Toggle 8080

Again, here it is line by line
// save the whole url
var alocation = window.location.href.toString(); 

// if you see 8080 in the url, remove it and change the protocol to https, otherwise add it
var next = window.location.port == '8080' ? alocation.replace(/:8080/,'').replace(/http/,'https') : 'http://' + + ':8080' + window.location.pathname + + window.location.hash; 

// update the window location
window.location = next;

Hope this helps.

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